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The most innovative holistic smart baby monitor for your peace of mind


One device = Less clutter, cords and hassle. It’s not just a baby monitor – it’s a nursery solution.


Packing your baby gear used to be a ritual of pain, but the tulip makes it a joy.


Sleep better knowing your baby is sleeping safely in a comfortable nursery all with the convenience of an app on your phone.


Why buy three devices when you only need one?

Everything you need to know

All in one place

 Pulse & Blood Oxygen
 Temperature / Humidity
 Air Quality
 Secure Video & Data
 Two-way Audio

Intelligent design for your peace of mind.

 Pulse & Blood Oxygen

Hospitals monitor pulse and blood oxygen levels to ensure their patients are well. Now you can use the same time tested method to keep an eye on your loved one with tulip’s wireless, wearable pulse oximetry unit.

 Temperature / Humidity

Temperature and humidity are very important to your baby’s health and knowing more about their environment is especially helpful when they’re sick.

 Air Quality

The air your baby fills its lungs with should be as clean and  pure as possible. The tulip uses an advanced VOC sensor to monitor air quality in the room. Help your baby breathe better air and be healthier.

 Secure Video & Data

The tulip never sends your baby’s video stream or data outside of your home wifi network. On top of that, the tulip uses advanced encryption to ensure the highest level of security.


The tulip charges wirelessly, easily snaps on and off the quick detach mount, has an adjustable camera head and can run on battery for up to 4 hours. Spend less time fighting with your tech and more time loving your baby.


Don’t bother with a separate nightlight, sound machine and inferior baby monitor. The tulip does it all.

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